CILab Equipment

CILab has its own working area equipped with:

  • 7 high-end workstations.
  • A high performance computing system that consists of a cluster and 8 executable nodes.
  • All nodes consist of 48 Intel Xeon CPU core, 48 Gb RAM and 3.5 Tb total disk space.
  • A cluster which allows the parallel and efficient exploitation.
  • A Gigabit Ethernet Switch through which networking is achieved.
  • A Rack Cabinet in which is located the Gigabit Ethernet Switch for safety.

The equipment was partially supported by the Empeirikion Foundation. Specifically, the Empeirikion Foundation at the award ceremony on February 25, 2006, awarded the founder of the CILab financial support in memory of Miltiadis Empeirikos for the organization of a laboratory for research purposes. The competitive applications were submitted in response to a call issued by the Empeirikion Foundation on July 16, 2004 and his application, entitled: Financial support of the Computational Intelligence Laboratory of the Department of Mathematics of the University of Patras was approved on February 10, 2006 for financial support of €13,300.