Research and Fields of Study

  • Computational Mathematics, Topological Degree and Nonlinear Equations
        [MSC-2010: 65H10; 55M20; 55M25; 54H25; 12D10; 26C10; 65H05; 65Y20; 68Q25]
  • Mathematical and Intelligent Optimization
        [MSC-2010: 65K05; 90C30; 65C35; 68T20; 68T05; 90C59; 90C56; 90C15]
  • Unsupervised and Intelligent Clustering
        [MSC-2010: 62H30; 91C20; 68P15; 65C60; 65C35; 68T20; 68T05; 90C59]
  • Neural Networks Training
        [MSC-2010: 92B20; 82C32; 68T05; 68Q32; 68T20; 90C90; 90C30; 90C59]
  • Neural and Evolutionary Computing
        [MSC-2010: 92B20; 82C32; 68T05; 90C59; 68T10; 65C35; 68T20; 93E35]
  • Computational and Intelligent Cryptography
        [MSC-2010: 94A60; 68P25; 12Y05; 14G50; 65D05; 65C35; 68T20; 68T05]
  • Biomedical Informatics
        [MSC-2010: 92C50; 92C55; 62P10; 92B20; 92D20; 82C32; 68T05; 65C35]
  • Evolutionary and Intelligent Music
        [MSC-2010: 97M80; 68T10; 00A65; 65C35; 68T20; 68T05]
  • Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems
        [MSC-2010: 37C25; 65L07; 37J10; 37J45; 28A80; 37C27; 34C25]